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Variations/FRBR SPARQL Endpoint

This endpoint uses the same dataset searchable by the V/FRBR Scherzo search tool.
Both are means of exploring FRBR-ized MARC music records. See Scherzo,
as well as the V/FRBR project site, for further information.

Input query, set any options and press "Get Results".

Output XML: with XSLT style sheet (leave blank for none):
or JSON output:
or text output:
or CSV output:
or TSV output:
Force the accept header to text/plain regardless

Example queries

Expressions where Joshua Bell contributed (isRealizedByPerson)

   SELECT ?expression 
   WHERE { 
       ?expression <> <> .

Persons born in 1969

   SELECT  ?person
   WHERE { 
       ?person <> $yearborn .
        FILTER REGEX(?yearborn, "1969-")

Persons born in 1969 who have contributed to works that are "Motion picture music"

   WHERE { 
       $work <> "Motion picture music"^^<> .
       $work <> $expression .
       $expression <> ?person .
       ?person <> $yearborn .
       FILTER REGEX($yearborn,"1969")